Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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Smooth Vintage beard oil is a blend of natural oils, plus Jamaican Black castor oil, to add shine and body to your beard and treat the skin beneath it. Our oil carries a light fragrance of spice, oak, citrus or cool mint. For those who like to keep it simple an unscented version is available.

- Absorbs quickly into hair and skin.

- Heavy-duty, amber-colored glass bottle ensures oils will retain maximum freshness.

- Reduces beard flaking and softens a rough beard.

- Delivers all day moisture to beard and skin.

- Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Below we list not only what ingredients are used in our beard oils but how those ingredients work to enhance your skin, hair and overall appearance of your beard.

Sweet Almond Oil: Contains vitamins A and E and penetrates easily into the skin. Sweet almond oil is an effective emollient - a soothing effect that helps soften the skin.

Jojoba Oil: The oil comes from the bean of a shrub like plant, more of a plant wax than an oil. Jojoba oil is has great absorbant properties similar to our own skins sebum (a natural waxy/oily matter the skin secretes).

Rosehip Oil: This oil soaks easily into the skin and leaves behind no greasy residue. Great emollient and contains vitamin C, vitamin E and helps to brighten the skin.

Baobob Oil: An African oil from the ancient Baobob tree, rich with vitamins, this oil is highly emollient, helps maintain radiant, supple skin, supports skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Supports healthy hair growth, restores moisture balance to dry, brittle and damaged hair, leaving it shiny and manageable.

Mallow Extract: Helps to reduce inflammation, Mallow Extract is said to hydrate and support moisture balance within the shaft of the hair.

1 ounce size


Classic Spice = Bay & Clove

Cool Mint = Peppermint 

Gentleman = Bergamot & Lime

Vintage = Oakwood, Orange & Frankincense

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