Beard Balm - Scented

Beard Balm - Scented


Our beard balm is our beard oil formula but with beeswax and mafura oil to create a light, non greasy balm for those either beginning to grow out a beard or prefer the texture of balm instead of oil. Portable, quick and easy to use before heading out.  Scrape a small amount with your finger, apply to your palm and rub until no longer solid.  Massage into beard and style away.

Our Island scent is an infusion of lime and bergamot essential oils at just the right level to be stimulating but not overpowering.

Spice uses the warm scent of Clove and Bay West Indies essential oil for a robust yet powerful scent you'll enjoy.

Grown uses a combination of tobacco and vanilla essential oil for a flavorful and sweet scent.

Lounge is a smooth and relaxed mixture of Oakmoss Absolute, Orange and Frankincense essential oils. 

Sold in 2 ounce size.

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