Belts Really Do Work

Saggin, I admit, at one point was fun. I was once a perpetrator of this misguided “fashion” sense.  Maybe it was the peer pressure, maybe it was a way of rebelling against some form of authority that was preventing me from being a carefree teenager whatever the case there is no one factor to explain why I did it. In time with guidance and a strong male presence keeping me in check I came to my senses, tightened my belt and pulled up my pants to the where they needed to be.  Unfortunately, this youthful expression unchecked can continue on into adulthood having grown men who think it's OK to walk around like this:



And are proud of it.

There have been worse instances of sagging other than the pic shown above but the sad reality is the sagging "style" does nothing more than diminishes the power and self-worth of a man. A grown man looking like he's in need of a serious diaper change is embarrassing. It isn't pleasing to the eyes to see someone's ass hanging out. No respectable women would or should admire a man dressed that way. The origins of this fashion mishap - be it the prison system, popular culture, hip-hop, or poverty are not the issue.  The issue is a lack of home training, self-confidence, and self-identity.

If a father or respected male figure never shows a boy how to shave, how to dress, the importance of hygiene or countless other lessons on the way to adulthood the boy will learn from his peers (who may not necessarily have all the right information) or even worse the world around him.  If the world around him teaches that sagging, talking down to women and being disrespectful is a respect to get what you want is normal, a troublesome path will be ahead especially when it is easier to be like everyone else but yourself during the teenage years. However, one day an awakening will occur and realization of self respect be it from a mentor, a pastor or role model instills a movement that boastfully says I AM BETTER THAN THIS. We always should hold our heads high and command respect and not give it away by dumbing down.

No one is asking you to don a suit everyday or become a high level fashion guru that's not what this stance is about. The civil rights movement didn't fight for the right to vote, for equal access to education, housing rights and various other rights so the black man can demean hisself.

Do yourself a favor, be a man and keep the pants up. Belts do work.