The Beginning

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to venture to our place on the web. Now that you’re here, you want to know what’s going on, right? No worries just sit tight.  What’s going on (beyond the products we sell) is a movement to redefine not a man's role but his responsibility. The responsibility to rethink how we represent ourselves in the world, to those we care about and to those who look up to/admire us. The responsibility to pass down useful wisdom and advice to the next generation and own up to our mistakes. Also the responsibility to keep our word to others and ourselves and get past the tired cliche, "I'm just a man".

We like to call this movement "Return to Classic".

Keep in mind we aren't saying what's happening now in mainstream popular culture is necessarily bad or that change shouldn't occur but there has to be balance.  Everybody can't (and shouldn't) wear skinny jeans hanging off the ass.  People shouldn't go buy Jordans if you are behind on your rent. There is a reason why people call certain eras of music, fashion and thinking 'golden'. Those eras held up to a high standard and years later still do. As men of responsibility we need to have balance and hold up to our high standards.

No matter what you do day to day let's make it a mission to always take care of business in and out of the home, deal with the peaks and valleys of life and never ceases to better ourselves.  All while doing it with class, dignity and of course style!  A guy who can perform this dance of such a smooth classic demeanor - it is poetry in motion, art work come to life at the highest level and that is what Smooth Vintage is about.

Where this blog will venture to or the issues that will be discussed who knows for sure. We will no doubt be sure to do our best to cover what we should do as men on a mission to bring the "return to classic" back in the mainstream.