Art Imitates Life


During some down time I was listening to one of my favorite radio morning shows (102.9 KBLX) and the topic discussed was a great reminder of how we as men need to step up and not be just providers to our women but protectors of them as well. Men who respect women should not allow a women to lose her cool, embarrass herself and be made a spectacle by instigating or initiating her to fight anyone. Even worse, if a fight does break out, men, we should be the ones to de-escalate the situation not stand idly by and witness it. 80 people can take out their phones to record a fight between two women but not one person will step in to stop it.

Here's the background story...

The radio host mentioned his niece was in an altercation with another young lady while at camp. The niece is an upstanding person, doesn't associate with the wrong people, does well in school, all the things she is supposed to do and more. However, we are human and no one is perfect we all have moments where we slip up and yes there is only so much BS you will allow to come your way. The story continues with the other young lady running her mouth disrespectfully towards the niece for whatever reason, tensions were rising (at this point someone or a group of someones should have stepped in). As you would guess the niece lost her cool and went after miss sh*t talker with Bruce Lee fury! In all honesty who knows why she went off on her, maybe she had been turning the other cheek for days and let the other women say whatever like it didn't phase her. Maybe the niece had pent up issues she'd been meaning to release for a minute with an opportunity to fight this girl, whatever the case she erupted and the situation went out of control quickly.

Could the altercation been avoided? Maybe, maybe not, but the men spectating had an opportunity to do what was right, step in to stop the fight. 

The main issue is not the fight but the young men who stood around and watched it happen, recorded it to be a post on Worldstarhiphop.  At some point the inner conscious has to kick in a say "alight this needs to stop before someone gets hurt". You want to see a fight, a knock down brawl, watch UFC but don't subject women to be less than the queens they deserve to be. We have to do better, a woman's safety should never be above entertaining ourselves.