Shake Hands The Right Way

When is the last time you gave someone a solid handshake? During an interview? A business meeting? In any case, there is a fundamental process when you shake hands and in a world of first impressions it can make the difference in being taken seriously or being perceived as lacking confidence. Some may argue that having a good handshake is old school and not as important in everyday settings and there is some merit to that thought. Honestly you do not need a firm handshake after your Uber driver drops you and he/she might look at you like your crazy. The handshake is merely a gesture that let's people know you are cordial and possess a sureness of yourself.

When you do shake hands it is best to follow these simple rules:

1. Extend your hand easily and secure the other persons hand, but don't use super human force, this isn't arm wrestling.

2. Have good posture and focus on the person in front of you.

3. Whoever you shake hands with look them in the eye but don't stare it makes people uncomfortable when you stare.

With these tips you will be a handshaking professional.