Our beginning

Smooth Vintage came to be during a discussion with friends in late 2014 about the current state of the twenty-first century urban male in the United States. A discomforting trend was observed in these discussions, a trend where there where very few websites connecting to urban men that highlighted being confident, having charisma, how to be unique in a society that wants to mold you towards popular culture. At Smooth Vintage we encourage you to mold your own existence, your own style, and to not be concerned with what the world wants.

Also, being a gentleman is becoming a lost art.

Smooth Vintage creates products that capture the essence of a gentleman who takes pride in their appearance, know how to speak to a woman respectfully, practice good mannerisms and want to be an all-around classy person. Our natural handmade soaps, deodorants and more will have you feeling confident and leave a long lasting impression.

We provide our best so others can be at their best.